New Water Fed Pole System Launched (X-Tank)

New Water Fed Pole System Launched (X-Tank)

New X-Tank System

New Water Fed Pole System Launched (X-Tank)

New X-Tank System New X-Tank System

We are proud to launch our new water fed pole system that comes in 3 different sizes (350ltr, 500ltr & 750ltr).

We designed this system so that all the components are fully integrated and mounted to the actual tank itself, saving weight, space and helping to protect things like pumps and filters. The systems have been designed to take up as little floor space in the vehicle as possible, allowing the operators to carry any additional equipment for the job. The tanks are securely fixed to the vehicles chassis maintaining the maximum level of safety and protection.

These systems come in either hot or cold versions, can be operated by 1 to 4 operators and can be fully filled and operated with the vehicle doors closed and secured.

These X-Tanks can be setup as delivery units, D/I only or our 4-stage 40" reverse osmosis filtration system. We also encorporate an electronic fully automated fill and flush system meaning that with one click of a button you can tell the system to start the filling cycle. The system will start a 5 minute flush cycle at the start of every fill, will then perform a mini flush cycle every hour and once the tank is full the system will cut the water supply and turn itself off. We specifically developed this automated system to save our customers time and money, as they will no longer have to manually flush the filters (or forget to do this vital task) on every fill, and the system will also save potentially a lot of waste water (reducing their metered water bill) as it shuts the water supply of once the tank is full, whereas conventional systems will redirect the complete water supply out the waste pipe until you manually turn the tap off.

To read up more about these X-Tanks click here, or you can view these in our online shop.

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