X-Tank 500ltr Water Fed Pole System

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500 litre water fed pole window cleaning system
500 litre water fed pole window cleaning system 500 litre water fed pole window cleaning system 500 litre water fed pole window cleaning system 500 litre water fed pole window cleaning system 500 litre water fed pole window cleaning system 500 litre water fed pole window cleaning system

500 litre X-Tank, for one or two operators, various filtration options.
Please be aware, in order to run the full filtration system effectively a fill pressure of 60psi and over is required. Less than 60psi will damage the R/O membrane and slow filtration time. To counteract this problem a booster pump will be required. To test your mains pressure we sell pressure testing kits for £15 +VAT, Booster pumps and testing kits can be found in the filtration section.

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Water Filtration Options
Delivery system only has no filtration and is normally filled with pure water. DI Filtration is a single stage filtration system that is designed for Soft water areas and an RO Filtration is a 4 stage filtration designed for Hard water areas
Number of Operators
A Choice of either single or Dual operators
Hot or Cold Water Options
A Choice of either Cold water or Hot water Systems
Hot Water Add-ons
When choosing a Hot Water System the Frost stat acts as an automatic heater protection along with the Hot Air Blower giving added protection and piece of mind preventing other equipment from freezing overnight
Installation Options
A selection of either self install or of Professional installation service here at our HQ in Derbyshire
Hose Reel 1
Hose Reel 2
Pole Storage Tubes
Tubes suspended from the ceiling on the interior of the van, a Tidy and more efficient way of storing your water fed poles
Van Floor Protection
A choice of either Protecta Cote polyurethane rubber anti slip self applied waterproof paint or a Professional Spray lined More permanent application
TDS Meter
TDS Meter designed to test the Purity of the water produced from the filtration system. The Inline TDS will allow you to monitor the purity of the water at different points of filtration.
Water Fed Pole 1
Water Fed Pole 2
Price: £1,749.00



Product Description:

Tank Dimensions = Width = 1100mm, Height = 950mm & Depth = 830mm

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Customer Reviews:

"I find the X Tank so simple and easy to use It looks great in the back of the van, very impressed" - Gary Sherriff

"I love the colours of the X Tank, it looks really contemporary. Everyone always asks me what system I’ve got in my van" - Tom Holden

"Fantastic, better than anything else on the market" - Kevin Cosgrove

"Really good, couldn’t fault the X-Tank system" - Chris Exton

"Great best money I’ve ever spent. Paid for itself within a year. Turnover went up in first year of using the XTank" - Paul Waight


Our 500ltr X-Tank system is an ideal size for people who need that extra volume of water to get through the day, or for any 2 man operations that only work 4-5 hours a day. For this 500ltr X-Tank you would need a vehicle with a payload of at least 850kg. Our professional installation service takes around 5-6 hours to complete on these cold water systems, whereas we require a full 2 days for a hot water install.

When ordering an X-Tank system you have the option of having the pump controllers mounted on the side or front of the tank, and depending on the vehicle you may have some freedom over where the system can be mounted (forward against the bulkhead, or back towards the rear doors).


Water Filtration Options

Available in 3 different tank sizes to suit different vehicle payloads and working requirements.

Delivery Unit

  • No onboard water filtration

Ideal for people who pre-filter their water via a static system.

D/I Unit

  • Water Deionisation Unit

11 ltr D/I. Ideal for people in soft water areas (below 100ppm TDS), or for people who need lower volumes of pure water.

R/O Unit

  • 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis water filtration

2 x 20" Pre-Filters, 40" Low Pressure R/O Membrane, 11 ltr D/I. Ideal for people in hard water areas (above 100ppm TDS), lower running costs and less maintenance.

Xline Controller

1 or 2 Man Setups

Single or double controllers & pumps to accommodate 1 or 2 WFP operators.

1 Operator

  • Single controller & pump


2 Operators

  • Dual controllers & pumps


Front or side controller fixing points

Allows you to operate the system via the vehicles side door or from the back of the vehicle.

X Tank Accessories Web

System Accessories

Completely kit our your vehicle with everything that you will need.

Hose & Reels

We offer a range of metal hose reels that will easily accomodate 100m of our 8mm Orange Hose.

Water Fed Poles, Brushes & Storage Tubes

We offer a fantastic selection of rigid & lightweight water fed poles along with our popular range of lightweight durable brushes. We can also install our WFP Storage Tubes to keep your pole safe and secure.

Raised Reel Platforms & Underfloor Hose Guides

If you want to free up some additional floor space, and have the ability to reel in your hose and chest height, then take a look at our raised reel platforms with optional underfloor guides.

Hot Water X tank

Hot or Cold Water Options

Add an optional Gas or Diesel hot water unit to your X-Tank System.

Gas Hot Water

Cheaper than a gas unit, but with higher running costs. Temperature will fluctuate during use. External exhaust or flume required. Gas bottle will need manually replacing once empty. 

Diesel Hot Water

Available with either 5.5kw or 9.9kw diesel burners for either 1 or 2 operators to work all day at a constant set temperature. Optional Lower running costs, more efficient & safer compared to gas hot water systems.

Small Footprint + Integrated Components

Specifically designed to house all the electrical & filtration components within the tank itself. We did this in order to reduce the overall footprint of the system and to reduce the risk of components getting damaged during everyday use.

Easily Fits into most vans.

  • Designed to easily slide between a vehicles wheel arches.


More space for other equipment

  • Because these systems utilize a smaller footprint compared to other systems on the market, you can carry more equipment with you.


Weight saving

Due to the design, these systems are lighter than other systems out there, mainly due to how all the components are fixed directly to the tank itself, so no need for heavy metal fixing plates or wrap around frames.

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