Van Mounted Systems

The best pure water fed window cleaning systems available, advanced, fully automated with low operating costs and easy to maintain.

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Water Filtration Options

We offer these water fed systems either as a delivey unit, or with D/I or R/O based water filtration systems

Delivery Unit

  • No onboard water filtration

Ideal for people who pre-filter their water via a static system.

D/I Unit

  • Water Deionisation Unit

11 ltr D/I. Ideal for people in soft water areas (below 100ppm TDS), or for people who need lower volumes of pure water.

R/O Unit

  • 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis water filtration

2 x 20" Pre-Filters, 40" Low Pressure R/O Membrane, 11 ltr D/I. Ideal for people in hard water areas (above 100ppm TDS), lower running costs and less maintenance.

  1. Xline Control Unit
  2. Auto-Flush
  3. Auto-Fill
  4. Intelligent Charging
  5. Pump Control
Xline Controller

Fully Electronically Controlled

Designed to....

Saves Your Water!
No more excess waste water, system cuts off water inlet once tank is full.
Saves Your Money!
Designed to get the maximum lifespan out of your filters, saving you money on less replacements.
Saves Your Time!
Only takes a matter of seconds to hook up your water supply and press 1 button to start to auto flush & fill operation.
Xline Controller Flush

Automatic Flush Mode

In order to maximise the lifespan of your filters we have designed & built-in an automatic flushing cycle at set intervals & timeframes. This flushing cycle allows 100% of the water flow to pass directly over the main R/O membrane in order to flush out any built-up debris helping to keep your R/O healthy and efficient. 
Longer Filter Lifespans
Want your filter membranes & resin to last longer? Saving you money over time? With this automated flushing cycle you have the piece of mind that you are getting the best performance and lifespan out of your R/O (around 3 years use) with the added benefit of making your resin last longer between refills.
Periodic Flushing
Not only does this system enter an automatic flushing mode at the start of filling, it also enters a shorter flushing cycle every hour during auto-filling.
Xline Controller Fill

Automatic Fill Mode

With the new Xline Control Unit its possible to completely automate the filling of your water tank. Simply connect your water feed to the system, press the auto-fill button, and walk away with the piece of mind that your system will fill the tank to the top without overflowing.
Periodic Filter Flushing
To keep your Reverse Osmosis membrane in a healthy condition we have programmed the control to briefly enter the flushing mode every hour during the fill cycle. This will help to increase the lifespan of your R/O filter and reduce debris build up on the membrane.
Auto Cutoff
When the system detects your water tank is full, it will automatically shutoff the water feed, eliminating any excess waste of water. Over time this will help reduce the amount of water used, saving you money on your water bill.
Xline Controller Charge

Intelligent Battery Charging

With built in battery charging while you drive, means you should always have enough charge to do the job at hand.
Intelligent Charging
Our intelligent charging system ensures that your leisure battery will maintain as much battery life as possible while your vehicle is running. Designed not to over charge the battery and cause any issues.
Multi-Volt Meters
Easily view the current voltage of the vehicles battery and also the systems independant battery simply with the press of a button.
Low-Battery Auto-Cutoff
In the unlikely event your battery voltage falls below a certain point, the controller is designed to switch off any pumps in order to protect the battery from running completely flat. This protection ensures the battery does not get damaged through improper usage.
Xline Controller Pump

Pump & Flow Controls

Accurately control the amount of water you use.
Complete Flow Control
Control the flow rate of your pump from 1 to 99, giving you precise control over the amount of water you use.
Pressure Switch
Our control unit detects any pressure build up in the system, safely turning the pump off, which eliminates any damage to the pump itself.

Small Footprint + Integrated Components

Specifically designed to house all the electrical & filtration components within the tank itself. We did this in order to reduce the overall footprint of the system and to reduce the risk of components getting damaged during everyday use.

Easily Fits into most vans.

  • Designed to easily slide between a vehicles wheel arches.

More space for other equipment

  • Because these systems utilize a smaller footprint compared to other systems on the market, you can carry more equipment with you.

Weight saving

Due to the design, these systems are lighter than other systems out there, mainly due to how all the components are fixed directly to the tank itself, so no need for heavy metal fixing plates or wrap around frames.

Xline Controller

1 or 2 Man Setups

Single or double controllers & pumps to accommodate 1 or 2 WFP operators.

1 Operator

  • Single controller & pump


2 Operators

  • Dual controllers & pumps


Front or side controller fixing points

Allows you to operate the system via the vehicles side door or from the back of the vehicle.

Xline Hot Water System

Hot or Cold Water Options

Add an optional Gas or Diesel hot water unit to your X-Tank System.

Gas Hot Water

Cheaper than a gas unit, but with higher running costs. Temperature will fluctuate during use. External exhaust or flume required. Gas bottle will need manually replacing once empty. 

Diesel Hot Water

Available with either 5.5kw or 9.9kw diesel burners for either 1 or 2 operators to work all day at a constant set temperature. Optional Lower running costs, more efficient & safer compared to gas hot water systems.