What are the benefits of using water fed poles?

What are the benefits of using water fed poles?


It is a fact that window cleaning is up there with the most dangerous careers there is,  that much so that insurers are making it harder and harder each year for window cleaners to get insurance and increasing  premiums all the time for those using ladders at work.

By using the method of telescopic poles and pure water this enables you to clean windows safely and easily from the safety of the ground eliminating the use of ladders altogether while reducing risk and avoiding injury.

This method also allows the window cleaner to clean windows in nearly all weather conditions such as ice, snow and high winds where using the traditional method of ladders in these conditions is deemed unsafe and has caused thousands of injuries and in some cases has even resulted in numerous window cleaners meeting their deaths each year in Britain alone, that much so that the government have recognised this and issued tougher health and safety guidlines regarding ladders for the traditional window cleaner. http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/misc613.pdf



Using water fed poles allows you to clean windows up to heights of up 80ft, where previously rope access and hydraulic platforms would be the only way of cleaning windows.


Reducing man power and turnaround times:

It is a fact that cleaning with a water fed pole is alot faster than cleaning using traditional methods such as the ladder and squeegee and in some cases has been known to cut cleaning time by over 50%.


Added Services:

Using a water fed pole system will not only clean glass but also most hard surfaces such as window frames, facia, soffits, guttering, garage doors conservatory roofs and solar panels.



Using a water fed pole system allows you to access and clean windows over sloped roofs, conservatories and sky lights, where this wouldn’t normally be possible using traditional methods.


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