450ltr Purewash Flat Delivery Unit

Product Code: FXT450

450 Small Ima
450 small ima smaqll 450 450ltr front 450ltr side 450ltr AFF

The 450 ltr Flat system is a Self contained unit with a compact design available with a multitude of options.

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Water Filtration Options
Delivery system only has no filtration and is normally filled with pure water. DI Filtration is a single stage filtration system that is designed for Soft water areas and an RO Filtration is a 4 stage filtration designed for Hard water areas
Hose Reel:
Choice of Hose Reels with the system, The free standing and Wheeled reels are designed to be lifted from the vehicle where as bolt down and electric reels are designed to be fixed into the back of vehicles
Remote Control Upgrade
200 Mtr Range 4 Button Radio Remote, Enabling you to switch the Unit on and off and regulate the flow rate of the water
Installation Options
A selection of either self install or of Professional installation service here at our HQ in Derbyshire
Battery Charging Split Relay:
Here you can choose if you require a charging system that can be installed to the vehicle that can charge the system battery from the vehicle, please be aware that some vehicles with smart relays may require a battery to battery charging system
Price: £1,065.48



Product Description:

Xline Purewash flat systems are available in three different tank sizes, 210ltr 450ltr and 710ltr with multiple options of filtration. There low level design provides a low center of gravity distributing weight and increasing vehicle stability. Its unique design integrates all working parts such and pumps and flow regulators within the system itself reducing the risk of water ingress and accidental damage. Reels can be mounted directly to the top of the system saving floor space and raising them to a combatable working height reducing fatigue from an arched back when reeling in .

Options and Specifications 

Single pumped system

Designed for a single operator 

Filtration Options 

-Available as a delivery unit only with no means of filtration (simply remove the lid and top fill the tank with pure water)

-Single stage filtration for soft water areas using an 11ltr vessel filled with Ion exchange resin (Remove the lid and top fill the tank with water, as the water is used through the pump and to the pole the water will pass through the resin as required purifying it as you go)

-4 stage manual Reverse Osmosis (R/O) filtration for harder water areas,  calibrated manually with gate valves setting the product to waste ratio as it enters into the tank.

-A 4 stage fully automated Reverse Osmosis (R/O) filtration for hard water areas, By the press of a button water is flushed through the filtration and product to waste ratios are calibrated automatically as the water is purified and enters the tank. 

Hose Reels

Available with a choice of either manually operated reels or fully electronically operated electric motor driven reels with a choice of either 6 or 8mm I/D hoses 

System Operation 

Intelligent digital system control operating the system filling process (on Automated Filtration option). Built in multi meter showing the system battery voltage and regulating the flow of water from the systems delivery pump. Available with Link 4 button Remote control with 200mtr range, fill the system regulate flow and switch the system off and on by the touch of a button

Self-contained Battery & Charging 

Supplied with deep cycle 12v 85 amp rechargeable battery. Available with a split charge relay kit that can be wired to the vehicles battery supplying charge to the system battery when the vehicle engine is running removing the need to charge the battery manually. Available with a standard 140amp relay kit or Intelligent SMART battery to battery Charger for vehicles with smart alternators 


Operated by a digital flow regulator is a 12v 5 amp water diaphragm pump that is capable of pumping 5 ltrs of water per minute 

  • Delivered or professional installation 
  • We are able to deliver this system to your door on a pallet for self installation or you can choose to have it professionally installed by one of our highly trained technicians 


Dimensions -
Length: 144cm
Width: 83.5cm
Height: 55.5cm

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