Evo-Sill 26cm Dual Trim Flocked Sill Brush V2

Product Code: EVOSILL26SF

10" window cleaning sill brush
10" window cleaning sill brush 10" window cleaning sill brush 10" window cleaning sill brush 10" window cleaning sill brush 10" window cleaning sill brush 10" window cleaning sill brush Evo-Lite-sill-Brush6 xline-sill-brush 10" window cleaning sill brush

26cm (10 inch) Flocked Dual Trim Water Fed V2 Sill Brush - Brush is 40g's lighter than our V1 Sill brush

Perfect for Cleaning of leadwork and chemicals

Product Weight:

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Jet Options:
Please select from either Standard Pencil jets , Fan jets or Rinse Bar
Brush Socket Type:
The brush socket is the threaded attachment that is fixed to the rear of the brush
Brush Bumper:
A PVC plastic Brush surround the has been designed to protect window frames and sills from scratching available for the 26cm Brushes
Price: £38.95



Product Description:

Xline Brushes have been designed and manufactured here in the UK, using top quality bristles gives more elasticity and durability extending product life. This has been proven to give the end users quality cleaning results with a product that will out live other brands. Product Description: The Evo-Lite water fed brush has been specifically designed for the professional window cleaner. The Evo-Sill water fed brushes have been specifically designed for the professional window cleaner and is a firm favorite in the domestic cleaning industry, making light work of cleaning window sills with its extra rows of bristle set at a 45 degree angle to the glass. This sill brush has been designed to be durable and hard wearing, as well as being as lightweight as possible without compromising on scrubbing power. With its flocked (flagged) bristle reduces the bounce on the glass making it a good choice for cleaning leaded windows, the flocked bristles are also very affective when cleaning with chemical as the flocked bristle ends helps absorb the chemical enhancing cleaning results. Brush comes supplied with hose, Push fit Tee piece that accepts 8mm external bore hose such as Xline X Tube and a stem adaptor with 6mm barb for people using ribbed hose such as the Xline Microflex 5mm. Brush comes pre-assembled with selected Jet Option and socket type Jet options available with this brush are 2 x conventional 2mm pencil jets exiting from either side of the brush, 2 x Fan jets giving a 45 degree spray out of each jet. or the revolutionary Xline 9 jet rinse bar, Rinse bars have been proven to reduce water usage and increase productivity reducing the time spent on the glass by up to 20% increasing profitability. Protect your brushes from scratches and breaking with XLine Systems specially designed Brush Bumper Designed to fit XLines Evo-Light and Dupont rectangle and sill range of brushes Designed to protect window sills, frames, fascia's, and your brush The standard size Brush Bumper only weighs 36 grams and the Sill Brush Bumper is only 39 grams They are so light you can hardly feel the difference in weight when working XLine Orange Rubber Brush Bumper Easily fitted or removed Light weight and durable material Specially molded to fit XLine’s range of brushes Preserves and protects edges of brush Prefect for use on delicate surfaces and lead work Can be permanently glued in Place if required

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