Evolution Pro Plus 35ft (Carbon Fibre) Water Fed Pole V3

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Evolution 35ft carbon fibre pole, ideal for commercial and residential window cleaning.

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The Evolution Pro + range of water fed poles are our high end professional water fed poles. Thses poles are constructed from 100% carbon fibre making them unbelievably rigid, lightweight and very strong.

These poles are suitable for all types of cleaning such as domestic, commercial and industrial.

Available in 7 different sizes from 18ft to 72ft.

New Upgraded Micro Clamps:

  • Lateral style clamp lever arms.
  • Anti-pinch skin protection.
  • Smaller updated clamp design, now lighter and shorter compared to our previous clamps.
  • Lots of room for the clamps to tighten over time.
  • Clamps grip on sections really well, reduces the risk of sections spinning.
  • 100% glueless clamps – easy to change in a matter of seconds.

Positive End Stops on Each Section:

  • Each pole section has a stepped carbon area which stops the sections from being over extended during use.
  • Reduces the risk of damaging the pole sections and clamps.
  • Coloured markings on the end of each section.
  • So as you extend the pole you get a visual warning and actual physical feedback that you have got to the end of each section, this helps to speed up the time it takes to extend our poles.
  • You can still remove sections by loosening the clamp if needed.

Protective Nylon Base Cap:

  • Our unique nylon base cap is inserted into the base section of the pole.
  • Helps to protect the base of the pole and extends the life of the pole.
  • Side exiting slot designed to allow the pole hose to freely move and will not damage the hose.
  • Each base cap sits flush with the outer edge of the section, allowing you to add or remove extension sections if needed.

Quick Release Clamp & Angle Adaptors:

  • Each pole comes with a clamp situated at the top of the smallest pole section, this is designed to clamp the brush head assembly to the pole.
  • Allows you to easily swap over brushes or swap to using a goosneck with ease.
  • We now offer a quick release angle adaptor, allowing you to quickly adjust the angle of the brush head.
  • We also offer the choice or using different lengths of angle adaptors (3", 6" or 9") or 2 choices of carbon goosenecks (7" or 10").

Extension Sections:

  • We offer a range of extension sections designed to extend each water fed pole allowing the same pole to be extended to work at greater heights.
  • Each Evolution extension section is 6ft long, giving you at least 5 foot extension to your existing pole.
  • Each extension is made from our high quality carbon fibre material.
  • You will need to make sure you are selecting the correct extension for your particular pole (click here to see our extension guide).
  • You can keep adding sections to your pole (where available) to increase the height of the pole.
  • We recommend having a quick release connector setup on your pole hose, so that it makes life easier when adding or removing extensions and feeding the hose through the extension.

Water Fed Pole Hose:

  • Each of our water fed poles comes complete with our 5mm orange braided pole hose.
  • Our pole hose is designed so that it can be used with hot or cold water.
  • This hose is constructed from 2 layers making it hard wearing and durable.
  • Hose will lay flat on the ground and is not prone to kink
  • We add nitrile to our hose making it softer and in the process easier to use and handle.
  • You have the option of running this hose internally up through the inside of the pole, or externally (which will help to extend the life of the pole).



Evolution Extension Sections

Extension Sections

Easily extend your water fed pole as and when requried. 

1 Main Water Fed Pole - Many Different Sizes

  • No Need for Multiple Poles

Simply use 1 main water fed pole for daily use, and easily add on extension sections as and when required.

6 Extension Sections Available

  • All 6ft 100% Carbon Fibre Extensions

Possibilities to extend your 20ft Evolution pole to over 60ft reach, each extension section is 6ft in length.

Easily Slides & Clamps onto Existing Base Section

  • Specifically Designed to Slide Over Nylon Base Cap

Need to reach that akward window, or next floor? It only takes a matter of seconds to slide each extension section onto your pole and extends the working pole height by 6ft every time.

WFP Base Cap

Protective Base Cap

Manufactured to sit flush against the side of the pole section, with a groove for the pole hose to exit from the side, instead of getting trapped and damaged. 

Soft Nylon Material

  • Designed to Protect the Pole Base

Specifically manufactured from a soft nylon material in order to be lightweight & durable. Will also not scratch/damage any objects around you (such as a customers car).

Side Exiting Slot for Pole Hose

  • No More Damaging Your Pole Hose

In order not to constantly trap your pole hose between the ground and pole (causing damage), we have designed this base cap so the pole hose exits from the side for maximum protection.

Sits Flush to the Outer Diameter of Base Section

  • Easily Allows You to Slide Extension Sections Over Base Cap

Now you have the option of extending your pole with one of our 6ft extension sections without having to remove the base cap.

Water Fed Pole Clamp

Durable Glue-Less Lateral Style Clamps

Fed up with clamps that easily snap, or spin? Our clamps have been designed to be hard wearing, with lots of room for tightening them over time, with the added benefit of being able to quickly replace a clamp with no-fuss.

Lateral Style Clamps

  • Designed to Operate With Only 1 Finger

Looking for a clamp that is easy to use, in all conditions even when wearing gloves? Opening and closing these clamps is effortless, can be used with right or left handed operators & won't get snagged on objects during use.

100% Glue-less

  • Clamps are Removeble/Adjusted Using Only an Allen Key

Ever snapped a clamp and been without your pole while you clean and re-glue on a new clamps? Our Evolution clamp can be replaced in a matter of seconds, so no sawing, glueing or grinding required, allowing you to get back to work sooner with a lot less down time.

Easily Adjustable

  • Easily Allows You to Slide Extension Sections Over Base Cap

Now you have the option of extending your pole with one of our 6ft extension sections without having to remove the base cap.

Water Fed Pole Clamp

Quick Release 0-Clamp

Want to quickly and easily change over brush-heads & goosenecks on your pole? Then our 0-Clamp is the perfect solution. Allows you to interchange from a standard angle adaptor to gooseneck in a matter of seconds.

Easily Swap Different Brushes & Goosenecks

  • No More Fuss when You Want to Use a different Brush Head

Our 0-Clamp enables you to simply unclamp your current brush head, pull it off and insert a new attachment (brush or gooseneck) and simply clamp back down again.

Quick Release Connector for Pole Hose

  • Allows you to Quickly Re-Connect The Pole Hose

If you need to swap over different brush heads often, its worth utilising a quick release fitting so you can quickly re-connect your pole hose back up again, so no more fiddling about threading hose up and down your pole every time.

Warning Markings on Pole Sections

Weaved Section Markings & Positive End Stops

Every extendable section on our Evolution poles now come with weaved markings on the end of each section, these act as a warning to let you know you are getting towards the end of each section. We have also added in a positive end stop on each section.

No More Over Extending Your Pole

  • Stops the Number 1 Cause of Clamps Snapping

In the past sections markings used to wear off over time, so you had no way of knowing if you had over extended the section, which would then put excess pressure on the clamp. Now with the coloured markings weaved into the actual material it guarentees they will not wear off over time.

Positive End Stops

  • Easily Feel When Each Pole Section is Fully Extended

When extending one of our Evolution Poles you will notice each section stops when they are fully extended, this means you will not be in a situation where your pole seperates into 2 as you are extending it (which normally means one half of the pole will end up falling to the floor).


Water fed pole hose

High Quality Flexible Pole Hose

Our premium range of Microflex Hose (available in 5mm or 8mm) is designed and manufactured to be used daily in all weather conditions without kinking.

Dual Layered Braided Hose

  • Flexible, Supple & Durable

Fed up with your pole hose kinking up all the time, bursting/bubbling and not lasting very long? As window cleaners ourselves we found the same, which is why we worked closely with the UK's leading hose manufacturer in order to make a high quality hose purpose made for the window cleaning industry.

Can be Used with Cold or Hot Water

  • Use a Hot Water System? 

Our 5mm Microflex hose will work with water temperatures up to 75 degrees, and will not burst or bubble up when in use.

Extremely Flexible

  • Easy to Coil up When Not in Use 

Flexible with very little memory, this hose is a pleasure to work with and should easily outlast other types of hose available on the market.


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