45 Litre X-Trolley Softwashing Chemical Trolley


45ltr Portable Trolley45ltr Portable Trolley
45ltr Portable Trolley 45ltr Portable Trolley 45ltr Portable Trolley test x-trolley-40-litre-system-pure-water 45ltr Portable Trolley 45ltr Portable Trolley orange water tank and trolley system for window cleaning

45 Litre Heavy Duty Portable Plastic Trolley System with 100psi Chemical Pump (covid 19 Sprayer)
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Battery Type
Please select from the standard lead acid battery or The more powerful Lightweight Lithium Battery
Extension Hose + Connectors & Tap
A Reinforced 2 ply 5mm ID hose, comes complete with quick release couplings and Tap kit enabling you to stop and start the water flow away from the trolley
Hose Wrap Bracket
Attachable Bracket that is designed to fix to the back panel of the trolley to accommodate hose extensions
Remote Control Upgrade
200 Mtr Range 4 Button Radio Remote, Enabling you to switch the Unit on and off and regulate the flow rate of the water
Puncture Proof Wheels
Price: £549.00



Product Description:

To see more of our trolley videos please follow this link: http://www.xline-systems.co.uk/xline-videos/itemlist/tag/trolley

This softwashing chemical spraying trolley can be used in a number of differant industries such as disinfecting and sanitizing. The X trolley can be used with TFR, Biocide or Sodium Hypochlorite chemicals as an example.

Simply tip the pre-mixed fluids into the trolley, you then have up to 25 minutes usage before the trolley will need refilling again.

Features & Components:

  • 45 Litre Maximum Capacity
  • 12v 100psi Chemical Xline Pump
  • Heavy Duty Wheels
  • Medium Density Polymer Plastic Moulded Housing/Frame
  • 24amp/hr Deep Cycle AGM Battery
  • Caster Wheels
  • Carry/Lifting Handle
  • Advanced Digital Flow Controller
  • Screw on Lid with 1 Way Breather Valve
  • 12v Charging Port
  • Rectus 21 Quick Connector Port
  • Fuse Port
  • Battery Voltage Meter
  • Intelligent Battery Charger

Dimensions = 900mm H x 520mm W x 400mm D

Weight = 20kg

Optional Extra's:

  • 10mtr 5mm Hose Extension with Tap & Connectors
  • Hose Wrap Bracket
  • Remote Controller Upgrade
  • Rubber Feet (for when stored on back)

The 45 litre water fed trolley has been designed to give the user more water capacity while maintaining a compact overall size similar to the size of conventional fabricated 25tr systems.  This has been achieved by integrating the components in a compact way allowing as much water capacity as possible in the overall dimensions of the trolley.

The trolleys dry weight including battery is just under 21kg making it light enough to lift in and out of a vehicle utilising the lifting handle located on the front, there are two casters on the handle to help when loading the trolley.

The trolley has a water tight lid designed with a breathable one way valve allowing you to use the unit without creating any vacuum, this lid also allows the user to lie the unit down in the boot of a small car when transporting.

The trolley has been constructed of a lightweight and durable medium density polyethylene that will not corrode and will stay looking nice overtime, the portable trolley system has heavy duty 10” pneumatic wheels with a roller bearing, this makes it very easy to manoeuvre up and down steps and curbs and uneven ground such as gravel.  With its 20Amp hour AGM battery easily provides enough power for the full working day which can be recharged with the intelligent battery charger that is provided with the system, there is an Anderson 12v power connecter that is located on the rear plate for easy access.

The unit has a rectus 21 series female quick release fitting mounted to the rear plate that allows you to interchange different poles quickly and easily, there is also a built in stop valve that will prevent any water spillage when the water fed pole has been disconnected.

All functions on this portable window cleaning trolley are operated by a digital control panel that allows you to turn the machine on and off and allows you to regulate the flow of the water delivered up the water fed pole by the pump with different flow settings from 0 to 99. The pump provided produces 100 psi with a maximum flow rate of 5 litres per minute.  There is a battery voltage meter within the unit along with a pressure sensitivity setting allowing you to regulate the shutoff pressure of the pump when the water supply has been cut off.

Filling the unit couldn’t be easier with its self filling clever design feature, the lid of the trolley is recessed into the tank allowing you to flip over a 25ltr drum of pure water that then sits snug into the top of the trolley allowing you to remove your hands and let the water decant into the unit by itself.


Remote Control Water Trolley45ltr Trolley with Optional Remote Control Upgrade


Trolley Hose Guide

45ltr Trolley with Optional Extension Hose & Hose Wrap Bracket

Xline 45ltr Trolley Flyer

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